NORDEX is a pan-Nordic music network and co-creation project involving female experimental artists from all the Nordic countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Ă…land) - in collaboration with music organizations and festivals from across the Nordic countries. Our goal is to create more collaboration and co-creation between the Nordic countries, both on a musical and organizational level, and to bring music from the Nordic countries to music scenes outside of the region. Furthermore, we want to tap in to the vast potential in the experimental music scene in the Nordic countries, which is not getting the attention it should, and we want to showcase the many talented women who work in this field, and give them a chance to co-create with other women.





So far we have partnered with Nuuk Nordic Culture Festival in Greenland and the independent music organizations Upfront Producer Network (SE), nyMusikk (NO) and Killer Inc (NO). We are in contact with the music export offices in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, the Nordic Culture Foundation, The Nordic Council / Nordic Co-operation, and a number of festivals in the Faroe Islands, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.



Please get in contact if you want more information about the project or are interested in a collaboration.

Kat Jarby

Project Manager


+452729 1969


NORDEX is still in a developing phase - more info to come.

Laura Kaae

Project Manager


+452547 9604